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Founded by Roger Sinha in 1991, Sinha Danse has more than twenty pieces to its credit. The company stands out for its unrivaled blend of contemporary dance, classical Indian dance, martial arts, live music, and new technologies. 

Renowned for its openness to the world, and for the high quality, originality, and accessibility of its artistic work, Sinha Danse's works have been acclaimed throughout Quebec, Canada, and internationally. Roger Sinha, choreographer, and founder, takes a critical look at human existence, racism, immigration, and the clash of cultures.

"2M/Solitudes" is one of the company's recent cine-dance productions and, is currently being presented at various dance film festivals around the world. 

"I wanted the film to be about seizing the moment for positive transformation, I wanted to portray our indelible longing for touch, for sharing the same space and breathing the same air. 2M/Solitudes is ultimately about conquering the obstacles that keep us from exploring our empathy and our love for one another."

- Damian Siqueiros

Sinha Danse

514 524 7997

5333 av. Casgrain suite 716, Montreal, QC H2T 1X3


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